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Our agricultural little holding DIVINOROSSO is located in Soiano, in the heart of Valtenesi , lying on the hills surrounding lake Garda.

Since the Middle Ages, grapevines and olive trees have been grown in Valtenesi, where the microclimate is ideal for growing the Garda Classico.

The agricultural holding DIVINOROSSO is a small, family-run business, which cultivates vine and olive trees. In Soiano we have olive groves, of the type Casaliva (a local tree from Valtenesi), Frantoio, Moraiolo e Leccino. They are all suitable for producing our Lake Garda Extra Virgin Oil, known for its organoleptic properties and appreciated as the best Italian and European oil.

In Polpenazze we cultivate vineyards which produce REVEE … and SAN PIETRO Valtènesi, recognized since 2011 as a Registered Designation of Origin wine by the Ministery for Agriculture.

In Calvagese della Riviera we have the vine variety which produces TERZAGO Groppello Garda Classico.

Cultivation means more than anything humility, total commitment and respect of one’s attachment to the land.

It is for this reason that DIVINOROSSO has adopted a Regional Plan to improve natural resources, so as to reduce reliance on chemical and artificial fertilizers, and in turn reduce pollution and improve the balance of the eco system; all of this is done with a view to respecting both the environment and the customer by ensuring the highest quality produce.

Wine - Valtenesi San Pietro

An authentic wine, maximum expression of the territory of origin, harvested in early October. This is followed by the vinification, with a contact of about 12/15 days and frequent pumping with skins. A long ageing in stainless steel barrels of about nine months and a continuing refinement of 3 months in the bottle, make it a structured wine of character, purple-red, fragrant and slightly spicy with hints of almond. Excellent with skewers, braised meats, game and tasty cheese.

Wine - Groppello Terzago

Typical Valtènesi wine, harvested normally at the end of September and vinified with a contact of approximately 10 / 12 days and frequent pumping with skins. The ageing in stainless steel barrels for a few months continues in a bottle to complete the vinification. It is a unique wine of great drinkability, savoury and balanced. It has a rubyred colour with a long harmonious finish. Excellent with roasts, grilled meats, white and red meats in general, fresh or semi-mature cheese.

Wine - Chiaretto Revee

Usually harvested after the middle of September and prepared with a very brief contact with the skins for 10 to 12 hours, depending on the variability of the temperature of the grapes (hence its name "vino di una notte" (One night wine)). Therefore, removed from barrel before the natural fermentation, you get a rosé wine that must be drunk fresh. It is a harmonious wine, flowery, with hints of soft fruit. The ageing takes place in stainless steel barrels for a few months and then in bottles. Excellent as an appetiser, freshwater fish, white meat and dessert.

Extra Virgin Oil

The plantation is located in Soiano del Lago, Sottomonte, and consists of both adult plants (even hundred year old) and young olive trees. Olives are harvested at the beginning of November and December. The best oil is obtained during this period: olives offer the highest organoleptic substances and the fruity is tending to green (green tomatoes). Harvest is done entirely by hand with the help of combs and small electric shakers for the highest part of the plant, thus preserving the integrity of the fruit and ensuring highquality oil. The fruit is planted in ventilated boxes for a short time to avoid overheating, moisture or moulds and, within 24 hours, it is transported to the mill for milling. Normally, the daily harvest totals approximately 5 quintals. From the field to the mill, the extra virgin olive oil of the DIVINOROSSO Farm is obtained by cold pressing, and has a very low acidity (0.2%-0.3%). It expresses a fragrant flavour with a fruity aftertaste, which accompanies with merit the daily diet. This oil can be eaten raw or cooked. It is excellent for cooking, in that frying or temperature changes enhance the aromas, guaranteeing lightness and digestibility.

The ideal place for a relaxing holiday

The old farmhouse just a few minutes' drive from the best Italian golf courses and the most beautiful villages on Lake Garda.

Il Cardo is a farmhouse immersed in the morainic hills of the Valtenesi, where you will find a family welcome and typical products.

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